Jordan moves on

Jordan Kardos, now  PhD, moves on to bigger and better things after having learned all he can in the Kim lab. He will be missed for both his programming skills as well as his unique sense of humor.

Andrew wins Best Poster at the 2019 Pharmacology Retreat

Andrew Truong (PhD student, Pharmacology) wins the Best Poster Award at the 2019 Pharmacology Retreat.  Andrew’s poster entitled: Entinostat enhances anti-tumor immune responses in bladder cancer mouse models,  was judged by the Pharmacology Faculty based upon scientific content as well as his phenomenal presentation skills.

RESEARCHER PROFILE: Compassion and Curiosity

Dr. Kim is profiled by TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) as part of their “TCGA in Action” series.

William Kim, M.D., is motivated by two things: compassion and curiosity. Dr. Kim has taken these dual motivations and created a career in which he cares directly for patients and spearheads research that may lead to improved treatment options.